Team of Seasoned Business Advisors

Infrastructure Business Advisors, LLC

IBA was founded by Husam Ahmad during 2019 to serve the needs of small and medium-sized engineering firms. They rarely have a strong Marketing Department or Business Development Group, which can support their growth with confidence. Cash flow is another issue that limits their growth. Being a sub-consultant or a subcontractor makes their cash flow worse. We, therefore, create a path for the firms to become a Prime where they can have more control of their money. Quality Assurance is yet another challenge they face during their transition from being a sub to be a prime. No prime firm can succeed without implementing an effective Quality Assurance Plan for all of their projects.

IBA has a team of advisors who are experts in their fields. They have been COO, CFO, and CEO in their past lives. They can hold your hands and take you to the world of Primes. If you are determined to move forward and be a Prime, give us a call for an initial consultation, which is free of cost.